Anshul Water

About Us

Anshul Water

We are leader in manufacturing of Alkaline Ionizer Machines- ionization systems that transform regular tap water into Live, Miracle and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Our Mission

Anshul Alkaline Water ionizer aimed at quality improvement for domestic use. Skill growth, experience and professionalism are the key to our success. Our training and assistance service available for customers and partners implement our commitment and reliability. To Make minimum one lakh Healthy Families within 365 Days.

Our Vision

Anshul Alkaline Water ionizer takes advantage of expertise, technological innovation and design to achieve its business goals. Last but not least, investment in human resources. Our principles focus on integrity and frankness as a basis for good relationships inside and outside the company.

Why choose
Anshul Alkaline Ionized Water

5 to 6 Micro Clustered

Smaller water cluster size means that the water can be more easily absorbed into the cells.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular water. Because of this, it can neutralize the acid in your body.

-500 OPR

ORP is ability of water to act as antioxidant. More negative the ORP value, the more antioxidizing it is.

Active Hydrogen

Drinking of hydrogen-rich water reduced reactive oxygen metabolites in blood and maintained blood oxidation.

5 types of Water

Anshul water Ionizer providing 5 types of water apart from drinking water that can be used in daily basis in your house.

5 years warranty

Anshul water have always been known for their exceptional quality. It is for this reason that we offers a warranty of 5 years.

Quality Certified

We are ISO certified organization that develop standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.